Gender office: Mandates and objectives

The Gender Advisory Section (GAS) is striving to contribute to mainstream gender considerations in the  Mission’s daily work and activities of its civilian, police and military staff, in all areas and at all levels.

From the Resolution 2098 refocusing MONUSCO’s mandate to the Resolution 2147 (2014), the gender mandate has also been re-oriented within the Mission  than outside that as well changed the name from Office of Gender Affairs (OGA) to Gender Advisory Section (GAS).

GAS mail role is to advise the Mission's leadership and military, police and civilian components on gender issues particularly on gender mainstreaming considerations throughout their strategic planning and operational activities.

GAS provides tehnical support to guide the integration of gender perspectives in policies and their implementation, in planning intruments and reporting by all Mission components. This contributes to capacity building of national and local partners (Civil societies-women's networks/organizations and GoDRC), working with Mission components and coordinate with UN parteners on global gender mainstreaming mechanisms.

Additionally, GAS is tasked to develop and oversee the delivery of training on gender mainstreaming and sexual and gender-based violence for all peacekeeping personnel in close collaboration with Women Protection Advisers (WPAs).