Gender section team

MONUSCO Gender Section is present in three provinces in DRC: Goma HQ, Operations East, Lava Site and North Kivu Field Office, Kisangani, Ituri, Bunia and Bukavu, all in Eastern DRC.

In view of mainstreaming gender in the Mission and providing support to DRC Government and civil societies especially women's organizations in line with UNSCR. 1325 (2000). Gender Affairs  officers and Community Liaison Assistants (CLAs) within Gender Section travel across these provinces to meet with partners in order to promote gender considerations and the respect of the rights of women, men, boys and girls. The section's mandate is implemented by staff members and gender Focal Points in an attempt to reach the different partners, especially in the territories where the section is not represented by its staff members.. 

GOMA HQ, Ops East, Lava site


Ms.. Jamila Seftaoui  (Senior Gender Adviser, Chief of Section)


Mr.. Ernst Lucceus  (Gender Affairs Officer, Deputy Chief of Section)


Mr.. Germàn Vega Cortés  (Gender Affairs Officer)


Ms.. Fatou JOBE  (Information and Communication Officer)


Ms. Sonia-Marie da Silveira  ( Administrative Assistant)


Ms. Furaha Mulindahabi  (Team Assistant)



GOMA, North Kivu Field Office

Mr. Achille M.  Muhyahya  (CLA)



BUNIA, Ituri


Mr.. Venant Bashizi  (National Professional Officer)


Mr.. Emery Chiby Banywesize  (CLA)




Ms. Charlotte Ngung Biala  (National Professional Officer, Kisangani)





Mr. Albert Mirindi Chishugi  (Gender Assistant)


Mr. Alain Rubenga Kusimwa  (CLA)