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MONUSCOUnited Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the DR Congo

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Latest Press Release

Mayi-Mayi combatants inside MONUSCO compound in Lubumbashi surrender

Kinshasa, 24 March 2013 – The UN Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO) welcomes the peaceful surrender of 245 Mayi-Mayi Kata Katanga combatants who sought refuge inside the MONUSCO compound in Lubumbashi, province of Katanga, on Saturday 23 March, following an earlier attack against the city.


The rebels should be handed over soon to the Government, following negotiations mediated by MONUSCO, between the Governor of Katanga, military and provincial authorities and the Mayi-Mayi.
According to MONUSCO officials, the group who sought refuge inside the UN premises included 54 injured rebels, 15 of them seriously. All the injured combatants have been transferred to hospital for medical treatment.
There are no casualties among UN staff.
The Mayi-Mayi rebels, some of whom were armed, arrived at the MONUSCO compound at around 13.30 local time, on Saturday, after being repelled by government troops, following a surprise attack against Government institutions in Lubumbashi.

The situation in the city has been calm but tense overnight.Local NGOsestimate that at least 35 people lost their lives in the fighting in the city.

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