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MONUSCOUnited Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the DR Congo

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LATEST NEWS | 05 Jul 2015 - Malaysia's opposition demands emergency debate on PM after graft allegations; 05 Jul 2015 - Divided and desperate Greeks vote in referendum that may decide euro future; 05 Jul 2015 - Kerry and Zarif meet as Tuesday's Iran nuclear deadline approaches; 05 Jul 2015 - China says tourists attacked in Turkey during anti-China protests; 05 Jul 2015 - Lebanese Hezbollah, Syrian army enter rebel-held border city; 05 Jul 2015 - Islamic State attacks power plant in Hasaka, in northeast Syria: army; 05 Jul 2015 - Islamic State suicide bombers strike in Iraqi refinery town; 05 Jul 2015 - On nervous border, Turks welcome army but fear Syria incursion; 05 Jul 2015 - Suicide bomber kills six at church in Nigeria; 05 Jul 2015 - Landmine kills five Ukrainian soldiers in separatist east; 05 Jul 2015 - Saudi-led strikes kill 30 in northern Yemen, Houthis say; 05 Jul 2015 - Seven Pakistani troops killed as army pushes to finish anti-Taliban offensive; 05 Jul 2015 - Iran deploys new home-built long-range radar; 05 Jul 2015 - Malaysia's opposition demands emergency debate on PM after graft allegations; 05 Jul 2015 - China arrests man for suicide 'rumors' amid stock market rout: state TV; 05 Jul 2015 - Colombia peace process now at lowest ebb: government; 04 Jul 2015 - China lobbies hard ahead of Manila's South China Sea arbitration case; 04 Jul 2015 - Pope heads to South America to champion the poor and the planet; 04 Jul 2015 - Greece votes in referendum with future in euro in doubt;
Zongo, Bas-Congo province, DR Congo: A view of the superb Zongo waterfalls on the Inkisi River, with foamy waters falling from a height of 65 meters. Photo MONUSCO/Abel Kavanagh
Uvira: MONUSCO Pakistani contingent celebrates the 55th anniversary of the DRC’s independence

Uvira, 1st July 2015 – The Camp Jina, headquarters of the Pakistani contingent of MONUSCO-Uvira (PakBatt) held a big celebration on Tuesday 30 June 2015 on the occasion of the DRC’s Independence day, in spite of the Ramadan; several hundred people were invited to fraternize and celebrate the peace: Congolese police staff members, several young people and students in Uvira as well as civilian colleagues of MONUSCO-Uvira.

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North Kivu: UNPOL concludes the training of 400 Congolese National Police staff members

Rutshuru, 27 June 2015 – The accelerated basic training for 400 Congolese National Police personnel in the North-Kivu province initiated by MONUSCO Police Component was officially closed on 27 June 2015 by General AWACHANGO Vital, Provincial Commissioner of the Congolese National Police in the North-Kivu with an official ceremony organized at the RUTSHURU Administration facility.

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MONUSCO Police organizes a training session for women in the North Kalemie

Kalemie, 1 July:
To participate in the fight against poverty and malnutrition in Tabacongo village, situated 17 km away from North Kalemie, MONUSCO Civilian Police organized an accelerated training session in favor of about forty women members of a development association “Association de développement et de récupération des femmes de Tabacongo”

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Kisangani: MONUSCO organizes a training workshop for local journalists

Thursday 2 July in Kisangani, Oriental Province, saw the opening of a three-day training workshop on “the practice of political journalism » for the benefit of 40 journalists from different radio stations across the province. 
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Press Releases 2015  Press Releases 2015
The United Nations World Refugee Day:

Martin Kobler, Chief of MONUSCO calls for protection of refugees and peaceful conditions at their home countries


Kinshasa, 20 June 2015 – “Refugees are human beings, affected by the hostile situation in their countries and forced to take refuge in another country. They need our attention and we should protect them: one refugee without hope too many”, said Martin Kobler.


Out of 106,228 Burundians who have taken refuge in neighboring Great Lakes countries, about 10,590 have been registered in the South Kivu province of the DRC after finding circumstances and conditions of life unfavorable to their existence in Burundi.  In addition, 240,000 Rwandan refugees are living in DRC, according to  April 2015 biometrical census.
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Invitation Expo 2015
Expositi8on photographique du Travail de la MONUSCO

Promgramme de vernissage de l'exposition photo

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Democratic Republic of the Congo - Security Council, 7409th meeting (March 19, 2015)
The situation concerning the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo)
Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (S/2015/172)
Report of the Secretary-General on the implementation of the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework for the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the region (S/2015/173)
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