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The Tshukudu is a locally made wooden push-bicycle used in the Congolese town of Goma for moving goods to markets, delivering parcels to homes, etc. These engines can be seen everywhere in Goma, and constitute one of the particularities of the capital of North Kivu province. The Tshukudu in the photo is painted in UN vehicle colors, probably as a tribute to MONUSCO for its presence and role in the region. Photo MONUSCO/ Jacqueline Chenard
Little breakthrough in the fight against torture in Equateur Province, stakeholders notice

Mbandaka, on 15 July 2014 – A round table initiated by the United Nations Joint Human Rights Office bringing together 35 state and non-state actors in Mbandaka, the provincial administrative center, to assess the implementation of the 9 July 2011 law on the criminalization of torture in the DR Congo, noticed that little progress was achieved thus far in this area, in this particular province..
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North-Kivu province: Correction unit staff reflect on security and prisons management

Goma, North-Kivu province, 9-10 July - A reflection workshop bringing together thirty correction unit staff to reflect on the means and ways to improve security and prisons management in the North Kivu province was held on 9 - 10 July 2014.

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Recent population displacements following military operations in Bunyampuli

Banyampuli, 11 July 2014 - The Armed Forces of the DR Congo (FARDC), supported by the MONUSCO Force Intervention Brigade, launched military operations in Bunyampuli, North Kivu, on 2 July 2014, against the Mayi Mayi NDC Sheka militia group, resulting in population displacements in the area.

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MONUSCO ensures capacity-building for PNC on maintenance of peace&order


North-Kivu, June 24-26 - A team of MONUSCO police officers on a mission to the territory of Walikale, North-Kivu, from 24 to 26 June 2014, held an awareness sessions and operational capacity-building for Congolese police officers on maintenance and restoration of peace and public order in keeping with human rights standards.

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Martin Kobler, head of MONUSCO, calls for restoration of calm on the border between the DRC and Rwanda


Kinshasa, 11 June 2014: Martin Kobler, head of MONUSCO, is concerned by the clashes which took place on 11 June between Congolese and Rwandan armed forces in the border area of Kibumba. He calls on all sides to deescalate tensions and to refrain from any further acts of violence. He also deplored the loss of human lives during the incident.

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