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MONUSCOUnited Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the DR Congo

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English  |  français 07:31:03, Wednesday, 07 Oct 2015
LATEST NEWS | 07 Oct 2015 - Heavy Russian strikes hit western Syria: monitor; 07 Oct 2015 - Japan's Abe keeps allies in key posts as attention returns to economy; 07 Oct 2015 - Malaysia's rulers call for quick action on scandal dogging state fund; 07 Oct 2015 - Special Report: China uses intimidation tactics at U.N. to silence critics; 07 Oct 2015 - Death toll from China typhoon rises to 19: Xinhua; 07 Oct 2015 - Australian police four over suspected 'terrorism' murder; 07 Oct 2015 - Australian court tests legality of offshore detention for asylum seekers; 07 Oct 2015 - Ex-U.N. General Assembly head, five others face U.S. bribery case; 07 Oct 2015 - NATO rejects Russia explanation on Turkish air space; 07 Oct 2015 - Brazil electoral court to probe Rousseff re-election campaign; 07 Oct 2015 - Portuguese president asks PM to form government to ensure stability; 07 Oct 2015 - Macri dismisses policy paralysis risk if he wins Argentine presidency; 07 Oct 2015 - Big palm oil's pledge to preserve forests vexes Indonesia; 07 Oct 2015 - Pentagon calls Afghan hospital strike a mistake, seeks accountability; 06 Oct 2015 - Merkel, Hollande to present common front for EU in crisis; 06 Oct 2015 - Ex-U.N. General Assembly president, five others charged in U.S. in bribe scheme; 06 Oct 2015 - Brazil attorney general turns to high court on Rousseff accounts; 06 Oct 2015 - Kerry arrives in Haiti to offer U.S. support ahead of elections; 06 Oct 2015 - NATO rejects Russia explanation on Turkish air space;
Karuba, North Kivu, DR Congo: After a military patrol and after meeting with the village chief, a peacekeeper amicably greets children near the village market. Photo MONUSCO/Force
Workshop on the capitalization of the civil society’s impact in Dungu

At the initiative of the civil society in Dungu and with the technical and logistic support of MONUSCO Civil Affairs Section, a workshop on the capitalization of the civil society’s impact in Dungu as part of the stabilization process was held on Tuesday 30 September 2015 in the conference hall of MONUSCO Dungu.

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Decentralization process: MONUSCO holds a 3-day seminar in Uvira for local authorities and non-State

Uvira, 30 September 2015
– Local authorities in Uvira attended a capacity-building seminar on decentralization and local governance held by the Civil Affairs section of MONUSCO from 24 to 26 September.  Besides administrative authorities such as such as Chiefs of Chiefdoms and of Groupings, the 35 seminar participants included also civil servants and representatives from civil society, political parties and the private sector.
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Refresher Session for 300 Congolese police officers in Kisangani on ensuring security during the ele


This first refresher session for 300 Congolese Police officers is part of the scheme for secured electoral process; it started Tuesday 29 September 2015 in Kisangani, the administrative town of the Tshopo province.

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Restoration of State authority: MONUSCO reinforces the capacity of judicial police officers in Masis

Uvira, 30 September 2015
 – As part of the process of restoring State authority, the Justice and Corrections Administration Support section of MONUSCO-Uvira held a capacity-building session for 11 Judicial police officers of the mining town of Masisi, in Fizi territory, North Kivu province.

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Press Releases 2015  Press Releases 2015
International Day of Non-Violence

Martin Kobler, chief of MONUSCO, advocates non-violence for lasting peace in DRC


Kinshasa, 2 October 2015 – “The road to non-violence is often the most difficult to follow, but it is the safest one to guarantee stability and social peace. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela have demonstrated during their lifetime that non-violent action is not only possible but also the most effective way to obtain lasting and tangible results. The use of non-violence is a proof of courage and conviction,” declared Martin Kobler, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in the DRC.

Over the past twelve months, hundreds people were either killed or injured in attacks carried out across the country, especially in the east. Innocent victims, children, mothers and fathers were traumatized by the slaughters inflicted on the Congolese people.

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Invitation Expo 2015
Expositi8on photographique du Travail de la MONUSCO

Promgramme de vernissage de l'exposition photo

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Democratic Republic of the Congo - Security Council, 7484th meeting
14 Jul 2015 - The situation concerning the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
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