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MONUSCOUnited Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the DR Congo

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Latest Press Release

International Youth Day:

Martin Kobler, Head of MONUSCO, appeals for the mobilization of young people as actors of change for the development of the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Kinshasa, 12 August 2014: On the occasion of the celebration of the International Youth Day, Martin Kobler, Head of MONUSCO, would like to draw attention on the key role that young women and men of the DRC should play as essential actors of change for the development of their country. 

“Nearly 70% of the Congolese population is less than 25 years old. They represent an unprecedented opportunity for the development of the Democratic Republic of the Congo as a whole.  They are not only the Congo of tomorrow, but also the Congo of today: a Congo that moves, builds and progresses,” hailed the Head of MONUSCO.

“It is important to reach out and bring awareness to young people and to establish policies to help them become more involved in political, economic, social and cultural decision-making processes,” have emphasized Heidi Embonga and Jean-Patrick Mosengo, Youth Ambassadors of the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General in the DRC.

“In order to achieve effective reintegration of elements of rebel groups into society and lasting peace, it is not only important to create economic prospects for young people but also to see them as genuine socio-political actors.  In this sense, I call on all young people to play their role as citizens and to participate in large numbers, with respect and tolerance, in the ongoing electoral process,”
concluded Martin Kobler.
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