Conduct and discipline


The MONUSCO Conduct and Discipline Team (CDT), serves as the principal adviser to the Head of the Mission on addressing conduct and discipline issues to all personnel deployed with the mission in the DR-Congo.

The CDT is working under the jurisdiction of the Head of the Mission within the office of his Chief of Cabinet. It draws its guidance from the Conduct and Discipline Unit of the Department of the Field Support based at the United Nations Head Quarter at New York.

The CDT functions can be described as follows:

  • CDT provides guidance to the mission leadership on the establishment of preventative measures against all types of misconduct including sexual exploitation and abuse.
  • Receives, assesses and refers complaints of misconduct involving all personnel deployed to the mission, recommends and follows up on appropriate action taken.
  • Maintains a comprehensive database to track (MTS) and report on all complaints of misconduct in the mission, and provides analysis and reports as required.
  • Liaises with all designated entities involved in investigation of misconduct allegations including sexual exploitation and abuse, reviews investigative reports and refers to appropriate entities for action to be taken,
  • In terms of prevention, CDT assists in capacity-building on conduct and discipline issues including SEA awareness for all deployed mission personnel, and develops outreach activities and communication programmes targeting the local communities in liaison with the representatives of the civil society including the leaders of non-governmental organization, the local authorities and representatives of the government,
  • Liaises with the Public Information Division for the dissemination of the comprehensive content of the CDT mandate including specific messages on prevention and response to complaints as well as victim assistance procedures
  • Liaises with the UNCT partners to strengthen the capacity of PSEA network including UNICEF and UNFPA to be pro-active.
  • Liaises with Member States, other United Nations entities, governmental representatives, non-governmental organizations and other relevant actors in the mission on policies, procedures and guidelines on conduct and discipline issues as well as management of misconduct involving all mission personnel deployed in DR-Congo.