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Launch of calls for proposals (AAP) in the province of South Kivu (deadline 19 June 2020):

It is with pleasure that we announce the launch of these Calls for Proposals (AAP) for South Kivu. We invite you to submit your proposals no later than 19 June 2020 to the ISSSS Provincial Secretariat of South Kivu and to the Stabilization Coherence Fund (SCF) cell. The submission requirements are explained in the AAP documents. Please use the templates provided and follow the instructions in the AAP.

The partners are invited to submit their questions electronically to the SCF cell and to the South Kivu ISSSS technical secretariat until 26 May 2020. These questions will then be answered collectively in the form of FAQs (frequently asked questions) through an email.

In addition, an information session will take place on 27 May 2020 in Bukavu. Those who wish to attend, must send a confirmation email addresses below, the time and place will be communicated at a later stage to adapt to the COVID-19 prevention measures in force.

The calls for proposal are the following:




Project 03/2020 : Inclusive and participatory local governance contributes to reducing the magnitude and incidence of customary power conflicts.


30 months

Project 04/2020 :

The incidence and magnitude of land and transhumance conflicts are reduced.


30 months

Project 05/2020 :

The communities and political authorities have agreed on an approach of demobilization, disarmament, and community reintegration of armed groups to reduce security risks for the populations in South Kivu.

700 000  USD

30 mois





Comments on annexes :



ANNEXE 1_Manuel des operations 2020

This manual acts as a grant contract between the implementing partner. It provides explanations and rules and regulations on the governance structures of the Stabilization Coherence Fund (SCF), decisions on the allocation of funds (the AAP process) and the contract modification processes.

ANNEXE 2_Grille d’évaluation 2020 CET

This is the rating tool used by CET members to assess each proposal. Proposals with the highest score will be invited to finalize the proposal.

ANNEXE 3_Cadre Logique I4S

ANNEXE 4_Pilier 4 RRR

ANNEXE 5_Pilier 3 RAE

ANNEXE 6_Pilier 5 WPS

Please note that the selected partners will have a working session with the M&E team after May 18 to finalize their logical framework and theory of change.

FAO AAP South 6M-ST Sud Kivu

Here is a list of frequently asked questions from previous AAP processes that can help you with your proposal


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