Spokesperson’s Office

The spokesperson is the official voice of the Mission and acts as the key liaison between the Mission and the Medias both within and outside the country. He updates the latter, responds to their questions and facilitates interaction with Mission’s officials.

The following officials can as well act as MONUSC’s spokespersons: The SRSG – the two deputy-SRSGs – the Force Commander – the Director of Public Information.

The office which has the level of a section includes two Units: 
Media Relations and Medias Monitoring units. 

Medias Relations Unit assists local and foreign journalists seeking information and contacts from the UN Mission in Kinshasa and the sectors. It coordinates Mission’s weekly news conferences and organizes all kinds of interactions with Medias. 

Monitoring Unit is tasked to monitor Mission’s media coverage with local and foreign Medias. It monitors Mission’s Media coverage and conducts weekly analyses on how MONUSCO is perceived by the Medias to call for the Mission leadership’s or Spokesperson’s appropriate reactions if need be.

Focal Points: 
Spokesperson: Mathias Gillmann - Tel : +243 818907128
Media Relations: Adele Lukoki - Tel: +243 81 89 077 06