Spokesperson’s Office

The spokesperson is the official voice of the Mission and the main link between the Mission and the national and international media. He informs them, answers their questions, and facilitates their interaction with the Mission's leadership.

The following are also considered to be MONUSCO spokespersons: the SRSG - the DSRSGs - the Force Commander - the Director of Public Information.

The office, which has the status of a section, comprises two units:

The Media Relations Unit and the Media Monitoring Unit.

The Media Relations Unit assists national and foreign journalists in their search for information and contacts with the Mission in Kinshasa and in the sectors. It coordinates the Mission's weekly press conference and organises all forms of interaction with the media.

The Monitoring Unit is responsible for monitoring the Mission's coverage in the national and foreign media. It is responsible for monitoring the Mission's media coverage and carries out a weekly analysis of the perceptions of MONUSCO that emerge in the press, to elicit, if necessary, appropriate reactions from the Mission's leadership or the Mission's official spokespersons.

Focal Points:

Ndeye Khady Lo
Tel : +243 997068227
Email: ndeye.lo@un.org

Media Relations:
Adele Lukoki
Tel: +243 81 89 077 06
Email: lukokiikola@un.org