Radio Okapi

Radio Okapi is the United Nations radio in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It first went on the air on 25 February 2002 from Kinshasa studios to the entire DRC territory. It will go down in the history as it broadcasted the Inter-Congolese talks live from Sun City, which determined the terms of reference for the DRC’s transition. 

Under the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1291 of 24 February 2000, Radio Okapi was created with the purpose of accompanying the peace process in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Radio Okapi made a meaningful contribution to the unification of the country. It broadcasts nationwide and nearly covers the whole country with frequency modulation. It broadcasts a wide range of programs: news, education and entertainments in the four local languages (Swahili, Lingala, Kikongo and Tshiluba) as well as in French in order to serve the largest public possible in DRC.

Radio Okapi has now five regional stations and 41 FM transmitters; it broadcasts on internet ( The web site is visited by more than 2 million internet users a month. 

Focal Points: 

Ms. Joyce Fernandes de Pina
Chief Radio OKAPI
Mobile: +243 818 906 747