Outreach & Social Communication

The role of OUTREACH & SOCIAL COMMUNICATION UNIT is to explain and gets communities to understand the relevance of MONUSCO’s action and its mandate, to coordinate activities carried out in Kinshasa as well as those conducted in other DRC’s for a better harmonization of all the actions carried out to make Mission’s activities more visible. The Unit also initiates specific outreach actions in time of crises and/or with a view to preventing the crises: organizing outreach activities for some target groups.

Specific objectives

To upgrade the level of knowledge and awareness of MONUSCO’s commitment, through securing adherence of target groups to its action to help attain the goals set by the mandate;  to build grassroots communities’ capacities in the field of the Culture of Peace; to promote the Culture of Peace and Tolerance among communities.


Resources available for its action

To attain its goals and to fully play its part in disseminating MONUSCO’s mandate, OUTREACH & social Community Unit uses a variety of tools and technics, namely interactive communication and public relations, quick Impact communication (Conferences, Debates, Mass Mobilization) as well as higher impact communication action referred to as Fish bowls’’.

It actively contributes to the organization of official events and celebrations within the Mission; organizes big information and sensitization campaigns. 


Focal Points:
Alexandre Essome : +243 99 706 8052 ; 081 890 4143 ; Joseph Tshimanga : +243 814160272 ; 0828906885 ; Pamela Lubaki : +243 999255248 ; 081 890 4149.