Our partners

SSU is collaborating with a wide range of partners in furthering its stabilization mandate. First and foremost it maintains a close relationship with national counterparts leading on stabilization, in particular STAREC officials at provincials and national levels and local civil society partners.

SSU has also forged solid partnerships with the donor community, in particular donors that are directly contributing to the SCF or more broadly to the functioning of the Unit (through seconded personnel or consultancies). Key partners include the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund, the European Union, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Norway, United States, Sweden and Germany. SSU further partners with the wider donor community through its engagement in the Donor Stabilization Forum in the framework of the alignment process (USAID, Belgium, World Bank).

SSU also collaborates closely with MONUSCO substantive sections and the UNCT as well as international organizations, academia and think tanks (International Alert, Life and Peace Institute, Rift Valley Institute, Peace direct and Interpeace). As a result of the range and depth of these partnerships, SSU relies on extensive in-house thematic, programmatic and operational capacities and is able to promote a comprehensive vision of stabilization, embedded in local, national and international knowledge.

The STAREC website is available here.