Multi-Media Section

Multi-Media Section is tasked to implement the Mission’s communication strategy in its audio and visual component. It includes the following units: Video – Photo – social Medias and web.

The section has an office in Kinshasa and another one in Goma, the eastern DRC.

The section makes available to the large public its video and photo products at  and 

It also sends video programs to HQ/NY through international broadcast channel for UN video products utilized by the section.


Video unit:

  1. UNMAG: A 15 min weekly program, broadcasted by 21 national television channels in Kinshasa and in Eastern DRC provinces;
  2. 24 Hours with a peacekeeper: 2 min. weekly production;
  3. Filmed play or soap opera: 8 min. monthly production to explain and disseminate MONUSCO’s mandate in all the local languages;
  4. Video corporate to promote MONUSCO’s substantive sections


Photo Unit has three professional photographers, two of whom are based in the East and one in Kinshasa. 
The Unit documents MONUSCO’s activities across the DRC through images, monitors the implementation of the Mission’s mandate through its different components.


The Photographers provide MONUSCO’s social medias and web sites with photos and proposes photos for “Echos de la MONUSCO” and for other purposes in general.

Photo of the Day 
One photo of the day is published everyday -  A selection committee for the photo of the day has been set up to choose the photos based on a developed and validated photo of the day’s charter.


Social Medias 

Social media platforms (Twitter & Facebook & Flickr) were revitalized and have become powerful communication tools for MONUSCO over the past three years.
MONUSCO is currently one of the most performing peace missions in the world with respect to the use of social Medias: Facebook; Twitter; Flickr; YouTube. 
A Social Media and Web Editorial committee is in place to analyze and review the relevance of the contents to publish in those platforms. It is made up of PID Director + Multimedia Chief – PID Coordinator and Spokesperson.
A community Manager interacts through the social Medias to respond to the most relevant questions. 

Web and Intranet 
Web Site
The website is the Mission’s permanent window to the world, it is therefore an important source of information on MONUSCO’s activities, stories and documents. Its access is possible through: 
They are Mission’s internal and external platforms. 
The Web and Intranet contents are provided by PIOs from the provinces and Medias focal points of MONUSCO’s substantive sections as well as the Force and Police Information officers.


On the Web: publication of articles in English and French (daily)- webcasting and  web-documentary (quarterly)-Dissemination of photo albums and video clips 

INTRANET – Internal information sharing tool; sections are regularly invited to provide information for the purposes of updating of available information on the intranet page.

Focal Points:

Chief of multimedia section: Nana Rosine Ngangoue
Email: sends e-mail)
official Mobile: +243 818 907 444