The mandate of MONUSCO POLICE is based on the Resolution 2147 (2014) of the Security Council of 28 March 2014 which essentially repeats the terms of Resolution 2098 of 28 March 2013. Thus the Security Council decided to extend March 31, 2015, the mandate of the Mission of the United Nations Organization stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO). The main axes of the mandate of SCR 2147 (2014) concern in particular the protection of civilians, stabilization and restoration of the authority of the state, the organization of elections, reform of the security sectors. The mandate of the UNPOL Component is part of the dynamics of a transition from a peacekeeping phase to a peace consolidation phase and support for sustainable development. Thus, a rise in the quality of UNPOL contributions to the implementation of the mandate is necessary.

The main focuses of its interventions are fully in the areas of intervention prescribed to MONUSCO in the Resolution 2147 (2014).

MONUSCO Police plans and executes its activities in the following areas:

  • Protection of civilians: Through active participation in the implementation of joint mechanisms for protection of civilians.
  • Stabilization and Peacebuilding: A decisive participation in the design and implementation of the strategy of stabilization and consolidation of peace, particularly in the restoration of the State authority component.
  • The organization of elections: support for securing the elections by the training of the Congolese National Police.