Civilian justice

In cooperation with main national and international actors, the MONUSCO Rule of Law Section is focusing its efforts on strengthening democratic institutions and the rule of law. Its activities aim at building the capacities of justice system professionals (civilian and military), including trainings and workshops to address gender-based violence. 

The Rule of Law Section’s Civilian Justice programme is built around three axes: 

Support of Justice Reform

  • Contribute to develop a multi-year joint United Nations Justice support program;

Support and strengthening of Justice Institutions

  • Support the High Judicial Council (CSM) and the Ministry of Justice to implement their justice reform plan. 
  • Provide technical assistance to CSM and the Ministry of Justice in the management of magistrates, judicial personnel and justice institutions. 
  • Encourage justice system reform and supporting the establishment of a functioning and independent justice system.
  • Develop Rule of Law institutions within the ISSS/STAREC framework. 
  • Contribute to improve the overall efficiency of courts and reduce the length of pre-trial detention.

Civilian Justice sector capacity building 

  • Contribute to the capacity-building of national justice system professionals.