Elections approach

From the electoral event to an electoral cycle

Taking into account the lessons learned from the previous elections and the evolution of the needs of the Congolese electoral administration, the electoral assistance of the United Nations system has progressively put the emphasis on capacity building. UNDP committed itself again to manage the financial contributions of the stakeholders in the framework of the PACE project (Le Projet d’Appui au Cycle Electoral or Support Project for the Electoral Cycle)

Unlike the previous Electoral Process Support Project in DRC (APEC), the PACE 2 project includes activities more focused on the support of electoral operations. The project consists of three approaches:

(i) The support of operational activities related to the updating of voters’ list and general elections organization,

(ii) capacity building and

(iii) project management and coordination. http://www.undp.org.cd/Downloads/projetpace.pdf


Structure and administration

Integrated assistance

The integrated working group “Division Electorale-PACE” remains on the support of the operational capacity of the electoral administration to achieve the conduct of provincial and local elections to finalize the electoral cycle that started in November 2011 with presidential and legislative (national) elections. It will also concentrate on long term capacity building. With these goals in mind MONUSCO will continue to pursue its logistical support for the forthcoming provincial and local elections. The Electoral Integrated Assistance working group collaborates strongly with the CENI, the current Congolese electoral administration.

• Vision and strategy

Vision: “Assist the Electoral Authority to conduct free, transparent, democratic and peaceful elections in order to contribute to the consolidation of democracy and stability in DRC”.


Close management cooperation and effective activities coordination between the Electoral Division and PACE project under the responsibility of the DSRSG, PNUD resident representative/Elections focal point.


Technical support: advice, opinions, actions and capacity building to the National Electoral Commission

Logistical support: through the mission logistical means support the INEC for reception, deployment and picking up of electoral material and staff.

Financial support: PACE who manages the basket fund, provides the NIEC with the necessary resources for the implementation of electoral activities in accordance with the work plan and institutional strengthening.