We are a driving-force!

  • In over ten years, MONUC has positioned itself as a major partner in the DRC’s pacification, stabilisation and reconstruction efforts. As a peacekeeping mission, our mandate has evolved over the years to meet new challenges arising from the complexity of political, economic, security and military developments. In a country with sometimes unpredictable national and international politicking, the United Nations has been running the largest peacekeeping operation in the world. In such a challenging context, the Political Affairs Division (PAD) functions as the driving-force and the think tank of the Mission.

  • Building on MONUC’s current mandate under Security Council Resolution 1856 (December 2008-December 2009), PAD gathers and analyses information, to provide appropriate policy and strategic advice to the Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) and other senior managers. We produce special informative and strategic situation reports focused on burning issues, which affect the implementation of MONUC’s mandate. We also conduct outreach and advocacy campaigns with national and international stakeholders to push forward our common agenda of pacification, stabilisation, and reconstruction in a country emerging from war.