BENI: MONUSCO's Malawian Contingent Trained in the Jungle Combat Techniques

BENI: MONUSCO's Malawian Contingent Trained in the Jungle Combat Techniques. Photo Monusco/ Tadziwana Kapeni

7 Apr 2022

BENI: MONUSCO's Malawian Contingent Trained in the Jungle Combat Techniques

Tadziwana Kapeni

The Brazilian Jungle Warfare Mobile Training Team (JWMTT) wrapped up, on April 1, a training in the jungle warfare mobile techniques for the Malawian Contingent (MALBATT) troops deployed within MONUSCO Force Intervention Brigade. 

This training, which began on March 14, 2022, is part of the capacity building of the Mission's troops for a better protection of civilians. It aims to equip them and provide them with additional solid skills to enable them to carry out operations in the jungle and in the event of close combat. 

For two weeks, participants were trained in jungle navigation, foot patrols, fast rope descending, troop engagement and casualty evacuation drills. 

 Call for professionalism to achieve the expected results 

In her address at the closing ceremony of the said training, Colonel Felicia Maganwe, Chief of Staff of the Force Intervention Brigade (FIB) of MONUSCO, urged officers and troops to capitalize on the training received in their daily work to enable the Mission to fulfill its mandate to protect civilians under constant threat from armed groups. "I expect you to live up to the expectations of the Mission, to protect civilians with professionalism to help fulfill our operational obligations," she said. Colonel Felicia also thanked the Brazilian combat training team for their expertise and enthusiasm shown during the two weeks of training. 

The participants benefiting from this training said they were satisfied with the contents of the training and techniques learned. They said they are now well equipped to face the challenges awaiting them on the ground. The Staff Sergeant Wonderful Nhleema, did not hide his satisfaction "These skills will be instrumental in successfully achieving our mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where we have been working tirelessly to protect civilians," he said. 

The head of the Brazilian Jungle Combat Mobile Training Team, Lt. Col. Perreira, praised the instructors and participants for their discipline throughout the training period. "We must all show unity of effort to facilitate the fulfillment of MONUSCO's mandate here in the DRC", he stressed. 

Two Ukrainian officers also took part in this training. They claim that the training has brought them additional skills in terms of the jungle combat techniques. “I am happy to be part of this training which will help us all to walk in the same direction, towards world peace”, further said Captain Hluschenko Valerii, a Ukrainian officer deployed to MONUSCO.