Bukavu: MONUSCO offers an important batch of computer hardware to the PNC

For several years, UNPOL has been working alongside the Congolese police to provide the technical support they need. Photos MONUSCO / Rachel Kiese Mbangu

24 Jun 2022

Bukavu: MONUSCO offers an important batch of computer hardware to the PNC

Sy Koumbo S. Gali

MONUSCO through its head of office in Bukavu, on 16 June, handed over twenty-five (25) desktops, nine (09) laptops, 25 printers, 25 inverters and various accessories to the Congolese National Police. (PNC).  The provincial governor, Theo Ngwabidje Kasi, received the equipment in the presence of the provincial police commander, General Jean-Bernard Bazenge.

The equipment will be distributed to the police headquarters and to the various police stations across the city for the benefit of the various central and technical services. These services include: the Directorate of General Intelligence, the Anti-Crime and Narcotics Department, the Anti-Crime Squadron (ECOFIN), the Lake Communication Route Squadron, the Public Security Department, the Transmission Service, etc.

Bukavu Police headquarters and stations equipped

In handing over the equipment, Mr Soro stressed that this donation was in line with  MONUSCO's mandate. "As you know, we have a mandate, through the MONUSCO police, UNPOL, to support the Congolese National Police, both in terms of  training and logistics support provision," he explained.

He said he was convinced that this computer equipment would help reinforce all the training given to Congolese police officers in terms of judicial police procedure,  complaint reception, record keeping, etc.

The provincial police commander, who received the head of MONUSCO and the governor in his office, said he was honoured by the Mission's gesture. He said this equipment came at the right time as "the government has embarked on the process of reforming the police".

The provincial police commander claimed that this support will greatly improve the PNC's performance of its daily work, "mainly in administrative, logistical and operational management".

For his part, the provincial governor, Theo Ngwabidje Kasi, called on the police force to manage this equipment "as a good father" would do. A way, he said, "to thank MONUSCO for everything it has done for us".

He took the opportunity to thank the head of MONUSCO's office who was about to leave South Kivu to take up his new post in Ituri. "You have kept on doing your job even until the last day of your mandate, and we want to pay tribute to you for that. South Kivu recognises you as a son of Grand Kivu, thank you very much," he said.

Continued support for the PNC/Bukavu

This was not the first important gesture MONUSCO had made to the PNC/Bukavu. For several years now, UNPOL has been working alongside the Congolese police to provide them with all the technical support they needed. Every year, it conducts a long series of training sessions on various topics, such as law enforcement, judicial and forensic police, trainers' training, traffic police, etc. And "since the beginning of this year 2022, no less than 15 training courses have been conducted," said Hoummad Loita, MONUSCO police sector chief in Bukavu.

In addition to training, UNPOL also supports the PNC in the framework of the operational strategy for combating insecurity in Bukavu, SOLI-BUK. In particular, MONUSCO helps the PNC to maintain a permanent intervention unit for the benefit of the population.

In this regard, UNPOL has been providing 300 litres of fuel per month, as well as monthly rations to support the police officers dedicated to this task. The unit also has a toll-free number that the population can call free of charge in the event of an incident. All this contributes greatly to strengthening security in the city of Bukavu.