CDU Structure

In addition to the Field Conduct and Discipline Team (FCDT) established in Goma, Bukavu and Bunia in 2008, the CDT has been expanded to many other locations in the mission areas since 2015, so that it optimises its capability to reach all deployed mission personnel present in DR-Congo. Up to date, CDT has height (8) field offices. The main office CDT-HQ is based at Goma, Lavasite. In addition to the main office, field Conduct and Discipline Teams can be found at Beni, Bukavu, Bunia, Dungu, Goma, Kananga, Kalemie, and Kinshasa.  
CDT has been strengthened of 28 staff including 18 civilian staff and 10 military liaison officers. CDT structure can be presented as follows :

CDTHQ Goma : Main Conduct and Discipline Office Goma. Contacts :, 195-3131 ou, 195-3132

CDT-HQ : The main office based at Goma Lavasite is responsible for all field conduct and discipline offices established in the mission area including Entebbe and Pretoria. 

FCDT Beni : This office covers the territories of Beni, Lubero et Butembo. Contacts :, 195-3498 or, 195-3478.  

FCDT Bukavu : This office covers the provinces of South Kivu, Katanga, and the logistics support base of Kigoma in Tanzania. Contacts :, 195-2738 or, 1954631, ou, 195-4738.

 FCDT Bunia : This office covers the provinces of Ituri, Oriental province and oversees on offices of Entebbe and Kampala in Ouganda. Contacts :, 195-2931 or, 195-2452, or, 195-2931.

FCDT Dungu : This office assists the mission personnel deployed at Dungu and reports to Head of Bunia. Contacts :, 195-3481.

FCDT Goma : This office located at TMK, in Goma covers the province of North Kivu and oversees on the MONUSCO office at Kigali in Rwanda. Contacts :, 195-5679 or, 19-5897, or, 195-6988.

FCDT Kananga : This office covers all the provinces of Kasaï including Kasaï Oriental, Occidental, le Sankuru, and the Chwapa. Contacts :, 175-3095.

FCDT Kalemie : This office assists the mission personnel deployed in the Tanganyika province and reports to the Head of office of Bukavu. Contacts :, 195-4153.

FCDT Kinshasa : This office covers the provinces of Kinshasa, Congo Central, Bandundu and Equateur. Contacts : masengonkunda@,, 175-5171 or, 175-4610.