CDU Terms of reference

The CDU is the focal point in MONUC for all matters related to conduct and discipline for all categories of peacekeeping personnel.

The CDU operates under the guidance of the Conduct and Discipline Unit-HQ and carries out those Terms of Reference that have been delegated to them.
The CDU:
  • Acts as the Mission Focal Point in all conduct and discipline matters;
  • Provides policy guidance and technical advice to the Mission on issues relating to conduct and discipline, and to ensure coherence in the application of standards of conduct for all categories of personnel;
  • Assists the Mission in developing strategies to prevent, identify and respond effectively to misconduct by all categories of peacekeeping personnel;
  • Ensures that DPKO policies, procedures or guidelines on addressing misconduct are adequately disseminated to the personnel in the mission and monitor compliance;
  • Receives complaints/reports of misconduct and refer to the Head of Mission or the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) as appropriate;
  • Establishes and maintains a comprehensive database of all misconduct cases in the mission and submit monthly reports on such cases to CDU/HQ;
  • Liaises with Integrated Mission Training Centers to ensure that all categories of mission staff receive appropriate training in UN standards of conduct and the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse.

* Training

The development and delivery of training on awareness of and responsibilities for preventing and responding to all types of misconduct, and particularly sexual exploitation and abuse is an essential component of the UN’s overall efforts to promote the highest standards of conduct among all types of personnel working in peacekeeping missions. Within MONUC, three dedicated training officers support the CDU and the Mission by designing and delivering suitable training activities. Through training sessions and workshops, we remind all MONUC Staff of their duty to uphold integrity, professionalism, and respect for diversity in their professional and personal lives. Recognizing the riches and challenge of MONUC’s multicultural labor force, one of our goals is to ensure a common and clear understanding of our definitions of misconduct, sexual exploitation and sexual abuse, as well as of our standards of conduct and rules and regulations. To ensure MONUC staff comply with the standards of conduct and the cases of misconduct in the mission are addressed and reduced, one key common theme of our training activities is the reporting of misconduct. We emphasize the responsibility everyone has to report misconduct and we clarify our reporting procedures.
In 2008, the CDU rolled out a conduct and discipline curriculum targeting all MONUC civilian staff. A limited number of training of trainers took place to build the necessary capacity to cascade down the training to everyone in the mission.
** Outreach
The CDU develops and implements outreach programmes targeting the local population and MONUC personnel.
  • Project addressing prostitution involving minors
In October 2007, the CDU at United Nations headquarters proposed that MONUC and six other peacekeeping missions design a pilot campaign against prostitution, funded by the German Government. The project was intended to address prostitution as part of the UN's concerted efforts to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse by its personnel. MONUC limited the project to prostitution involving minors (defined by the UN as anyone under 18 years old).

The main objective of this project is to inform the population as well as personnel from the UN and other international organizations on the risks of underage prostitution in post-conflict situations and thus contribute to reducing the offer and the demand of sexual services by children through a sensitization campaign which will be held in Kinshasa, Bunia and Mbandaka. A ‘reinsertion’ center in each location chosen will also be provided with social and economic support to offer minors alternatives to prostitution.

On 13 January 2009, the CDU hosted an exhibition of paintings to launch the campaign against prostitution involving minors. This exhibition will then travel through the DRC.