Celebration of the International Wowen’s Day by MONUSCO’s Gender Section

Celebration of the International Wowen’s Day by MONUSCO’s Gender Section
15 Mar 2016

Celebration of the International Wowen’s Day by MONUSCO’s Gender Section

MONUSCO’s Gender Section celebrated the 2016 Edition of the International Women’s Day between 8-16 March 2016 in Goma, Bunia, Kisangani and Bukavu and in Masisi territory in Eastern DRC. 

The day was set aside to celebrate women’s achievements and their contributions in various fields; their participation in nation-building and in the development of their communities; and to discuss factors impeding their representation and full involvement in decision- making levels. The celebrations enabled the about 800 participants (85% women) to showcase the Congolese culture; to provide practical support to women’s organizations especially to the most vulnerable women’s initiatives. In doing so, higher visibility was given to the work of MONUSCO and its partners on women’s empowerment.

On 12th March, in Goma, the celebration was attended by the Vice Governor of the Province,    Feleur Rutachihirwa; provincial Ministers of Gender; Finance and Planning, MONUSCO senior leadership including the Chief of Office Ops East Rule of Law, Damien Mama, The Force Commander and MONUSCO North Kivu Acting HoO; FARDC and PNC Generals among many other provincial and the Mission’s Officials.

Impact of the celebration in Goma

  • The synergy initiative between MONUSCO, UNV Support Office, UN agencies, civil society Women’s organizations, National and International NGOs, and the private sector.
  • 246 women including young girls benefited directly from funding and technical support provided for; by UNDP, International NGOs and some private sector institutions (Banks and Telephone Companies) for the sponsorship of their projects and scholarships for training in leadership, skills development, micro-finance, enterprise development; and internships in banks and institutions in Goma.
  • Establishment of a Standing Committee for the Organization and the preparation of the various events, among others: the international women’s day and the Global Open Day on Resolution 1325
  •  Net increase in the turnover of the participants in the exhibitions from the gastronomic fair (on the order of $3000) and those of handicrafts’ sales expressed their satisfaction in terms of sales and earnings.
  • The participants expressed their gratitude to MONUSCO in its role of accompanying and supporting the population which resulted in a positive change of perception at least in Goma and surroundings.
  • The commitment of private and public partners to better work in synergy with MONUSCO in the future for similar actions.