Congolese citizens make their voices heard

26 Sep 2014

Congolese citizens make their voices heard

''My World, The World We Want to see'' is the title of the global survey launched by the United Nations on the occasion of the preparation of the next global development agenda. The objective is to find out what is most important to people around the world, to hear their views and priorities on how to make a better world.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme has organized several awareness sessions on MY World. Launched in October 2013, the sessions took place in various Congolese provinces, including Kinshasa, Maniema, Kananga, Katanga and North Kivu. The sessions were aimed at students, women's and youth groups, community leaders, voluntary local development associations and so on.

As part of the survey, Congolese participants were asked to choose six subjects from sixteen, which they thought would have the most impact on their lives. The sixteen subjects reprise the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as well as topics related to ecology, transparency, security and governance.

So far, the results of the survey results have highlighted the following priorities chosen by Congolese participants as the six most important: better job opportunities, good education, honest and responsive government, nutritious, affordable food, better health care, access to clean water and sanitation, better roads and better public transport. These concerns were all deemed priorities among Congolese participants as contributing to their vision of a better world.

Preliminary results of the MY World online Survey in DRC suggest the following trends:

- 21.632 participants voted online

-3828 responded by paper ballot

- The top two priorities in the DRC namely a good education followed by better access to employment are the same as in other developing countries with low and middle incomes.

-Protection against crime and violence comes in third place.

- The survey showed no gender gap as men and women tend to share the same first six concerns.

''My World is not just a sociological survey, but it is also an opportunity to take the temperature of public opinion in the DRC,'' explains Henri Gauthier Fene Fene the UNV My World Survey Coordinator in DRC. ''We hope the results of this survey not only attract the attention of world leaders but also the attention of Congolese leaders and will help to promote civic and community involvement among the Congolese population, with a view to improving Congo between now and 2030.''

With the fast approaching deadline of 2015 for achieving the MDGs, the United Nations launched the global survey so that citizens could participate in discussions on the creation of the new post-2015 global development agenda. This survey aims to give a central role to citizens, particularly marginalized groups, so that their concerns are included in global discussions on the new development agenda beyond 2015.

My World also offers a unique opportunity to UNV - a key partner of the survey - to advocate for volunteerism and to promote the values ââof volunteerism, including civic engagement, social inclusion, solidarity and ownership, and to show that these are an inherent component of the overall development framework. "As the Report on Volunteering in the World, published in 2011 showed, individuals and communities that have high levels of volunteering are more dynamic economically and socially, and are in a better position to address global challenges,'' explains Henry Gauthier.