Efforts of MONUSCO forces in north Kivu to protect civilians

30 Dec 2016

Efforts of MONUSCO forces in north Kivu to protect civilians

North Kivu Head of Office Daniel Ruiz, and NKB Commander Brig Gen Hari B Pilla, have held a special  Briefing with Journalists of North Kivu  on 30 December 2016 in  efforts to protect Civilians in North Kivu

Speaking to the Journalists the Briefing the head of Office  said  he thought it wise  with the prevailing security situation in the North Kivu Province for  military to brief/update the press on  the activities of the North Kivu Brigade and FARDC on the efforts to neutralize  the negative armed groups and other source.

While the NKB Commander Brig Gen Hari B Pilla on his part  said the intension of  MONUSCO force was on the Protection of Civilians and  to inform them of  increased activity in armed groups  in Lubero, Rutshuru, Masisi ,  Walikale and the  presence of  the North Kivu Brigade  in the territories in joint operations with FARDC.

They have assured the protection of IDPS the Commander went on ‘we have assured  the protection of IDPS and taken actions with Illegal armed groups” and also supported operations in areas like Chondo, Kafunzo,Kigaligali , Huanga  and other areas which are concentration places of the armed groups.

The Brigade Commander like Head of Office  called the  on any armed group  targeting the population to lay down their arms  and  follow up the demobilization process  stressing that they should come on the legal side because MONUSCO(NKB) will ensure their safety and  DDRRR will ensure their demobilization.

They appealed to Journalists to also sensitize all to ensure peace to reign so that the country can have a bright future.

Questions asked the Journalists amongst others focused on support given to FARDC operation to track Mai Mia and illegal armed groups and assistance to the National Electoral Commission (CENI) in the transmission of electoral material in the areas where there is no access.

MONUSCO DD/RRR OIC Dohotie Coulibaly presented some statistics for 2016 for treated cases as 1349  which included  ex combatants , their dependents and child soldiers.

It should be noted however the briefing was also attended by FARDC Spokes Person  Gauillume Njike.

Martha Biongo PIO /Goma