ITURI : MONUSCO calls on the population to comply with the preventive measures against Covid-19

MONUSCO police take advantage of patrols to raise awareness about the Coronavirus pandemic.

7 Apr 2020

ITURI : MONUSCO calls on the population to comply with the preventive measures against Covid-19

Faced with increased acts of banditry in the town of Bunia and its surroundings, in the Ituri Province, MONUSCO police (UNPOL) are cautiously continuing their simple and security patrols. In this context characterized by the coronavirus pandemic, MONUSCO police take advantage of such operations to raise awareness about this pandemic.

  "We want to show the population that altogether we are working to protect them and help them overcome the feeling of insecurity. We are also raising awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic, which poses serious dangers for  their health ", said the individual police officer Kampete Routouang and patrol leader, further indicating:" We also make the most of these patrols to reach out to the local population and explain MONUSCO Police mandate. Above all, we recommend that they maintain good relations with the defense and security forces.’’

" During interactions with the patrol team, a woman sitting with her family in front of her house declares having followed the awareness-raising campaign on the preventive measures against the coronavirus : "It is indeed together that we will be able to slow the spread of this pandemic in our Province, provided the population respect the sanitation measures taken by our authorities. Thank you dear brothers in uniform for thinking of us."

United Nations police continue to scour the neighborhoods of the town of Bunia and interact with young people and women; but also the district leaders, while respecting the measures issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the recommended barrier actions to observe to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

So, in spite of the difficult context of the Covid-19, MONUSCO Police in Bunia continues to carry out its activities related to the Protection of civilians in its operational area. From January 1 to March 31, 2020, it participated in 123 joint patrols with MONUSCO Force, 32 patrols with the Congolese police and FARDC, 272 simple patrols, 236 joint patrols with the Senegalese Formed Police Unit ( SENFPU). In addition, 78 security missions in IDP camps were organized.

Individual Police Officer Mikhail Shcherbakov concluded: "Our visible presence in the city, around shopping malls, secondary roads and inside neighborhoods helps deter offenders."