Ituri: MONUSCO hands over two sites for FRPI disarmament to the government

Ituri: MONUSCO hands over two sites for FRPI disarmament to the government. Photo MOUSCO/Jean Tobie OKALA

12 May 2020

Ituri: MONUSCO hands over two sites for FRPI disarmament to the government


On Monday, 11 May 2020, Monusco handed over two sites to the provincial government to be used for the disarmament and demobilization of militiamen from the Ituri Patriotic Resistance Force, FRPI. The two sites are erected in the villages of Karatsi and Kazana in the Walendu Bindi chiefdom in Irumu Territory where the Congolese authorities (national and provincial) and MONUSCO have joined forces for the pacification of this part of Ituri.

This handover of sites by MONUSCO marks another step forward in this process, with the signing on February 28 of the Peace Agreement signed in Gety between the FRPI and the Congolese Government. The next step is the announcement by the Congolese government of the effective date for the start of the DDR of the combatants of this armed group.

We welcome with great joy, what Monusco has just done here in Kazana in the locality of Kagaba, we welcome this with hope; we are very delighted with joy. The government always starts things right, after it does not go to the end and the war resumes. This time, we are sure that with what it has been doing lately, it is serious; now with these sites built by MONUSCO for the militiamen, we see that it will go to the end and we are happy because our hope is that this process will go to its end so that peace settles definitively and durably in our Territory "Said a youth from Kagaba who attended the official site handover ceremony.

The Kazana Site is located some 40 km south of Bunia. On site, Monusco has installed 26 tents, 15 of which will serve as accommodation for FRPI militiamen. These tents are equipped with 162 beds with mattresses.

There are also shelters reserved for the identification of militiamen, for the isolation of suspected Covid-19 cases, and for serving as a kitchen and dormitory. MONUSCO also built 15 latrines and showers there and placed two water tanks with a total capacity of 3,000 liters as well as two containers for storing food.

A memorandum of understanding has been signed between the government and Monusco for the management of these sites. According to the head of the Stabilization and Reconstruction Program for areas emerging from armed conflict, STAREC in Ituri, Jean-Marc MAZIO, "all the conditions are now met in these two sites for the reception of FRPI militiamen".

About 1,100 FRPI militiamen who have been installed for nine months at the pre-cantonment site in Azita, 5 kilometers from Gety-State, capital of the Walendu Bindi chiefdom in Irumu Territory, are waiting to be disarmed.

Finally, it should be noted that the Karatsi disarmament site was designed and built in accordance with the technical specifications provided by UNMAS.