A Medal parade organized for 250 Ukrainian Soldiers

A Medal parade organized for 250 Ukrainian Soldiers. Photo MONUSCO/Force

28 Aug 2018

A Medal parade organized for 250 Ukrainian Soldiers

Martha Biongo


Goma , the 24th August 2018 - MONUSCO Ukrainian Aviation Unit has organized a Medal parade for 250 Ukrainian Soldiers at Goma airport. Speaking during the ceremony MONUSCO Force Commander Lt General Elias Martins Rodriguez Filho said “the iconic blue helmet of United Nations peacekeepers symbolizes the United Nations as an internationally recognized, legitimate, multinational force.


United Nations blue helmets he went on, “have become synonymous to the values of the Organization such as “security for the vulnerable groups of people, stability for development and opportunity for better future for everyone”.


Contributing to these goals is the self-giving and noble work of a peacekeeper” adding that the presence of the Ukrainian aviation Unit on the territory of DRC is providing the mission with an opportunity to accomplish a distinguished mission of “Soldier-Peacekeepers shoulder to shoulder”.


Ukrainian peacekeepers are honorably performing noble and responsible mission to ensure peace and stability in DR Congo.


In spite of the difficult conditions Ukrainian helicopters crews have been carrying out tasks in order to provide ground forces fire support, armed escort, regrouping, insertion-extraction operations, patrolling, air reconnaissance, Casualty and Medical evacuation which is as a result of the hard work of all Detachment personnel.


The Force Commander added that the personnel of the Ukrainian Unit show a high-standard of peacekeeping duties maintaining high international prestige of the UN in DRC by their everyday service reason why today, Ukrainian peacekeepers’ contribution to honorable mission of peace support in DRC is awarded by UN medals "For servicing peace".


The Medal Parade Ceremony also coincided with the National celebration for the Ukrainian peopleIndependence Day of Ukraine. “I would like to congratulate you and wish your country prosperity and to be strong enough to defend the Independence and sovereignty of your country from any possible threat”. He said.


The high point of the agender included the award of the medals for the deserved services to the United Nations to bring Peace to the Democratic Republic of Congo, a visit to an exhibition stand of the Multi-functional Helicopter MII24 for attack and a Multipurpose transport helicopter MII 8MTB which can transport passengers and Medical transportation.


It should be noted however that the Key tasks of the Ukrainian Aviation Unit includes, Fire support to ground forces, show of force, Flights to conduct Aerial Reconnaissance, Patrol and Surveillance, Transportation of Forces, regrouping and supporting ground operations.

They also carry out Search and Rescue operations and fire support during execution, Air borne operations, containment. Also included in their task are

Scenic flights and Medical transportation (CASEVAC/MEDEVAC).


The Medal Parade was attended by the Sector Commander, a representation of other mission contingents including the Tanzanian, Indian, Uruguayan, Senegalese FPU, Pakistan, Bangladesh Military Police and some civilian staff.