MONUSCO backs the training of journalists in conflict zone

11 Jan 2018

MONUSCO backs the training of journalists in conflict zone

Kananga, 8th Jan.-17: 40 journalists in Kananga went through two-day training on the theme “Journalism in conflict zone,” at the initiative of UNPC, supported by MONUSCO Strategic Communication and Public Information Division.

Reassured by Mr. Dieudonne Mulamba (Journalist trainer and founder of the community Radio SOZER FM), the in which the rules of journalistic writing were reviewed, helped to empower journalists in Kananga, an operational zone for the national army, on the fundamentals to better running security information.

The Kamuina Nsapu-related events did plunge Kasaï into a protracting conflict; so, the resulting precarious security situation demands more discipline and professionalism from journalists. This is what one of the participants had to say “the training comes at the right moment insofar as it will enable a large number of journalists to know how to conduct themselves while collecting, processing and disseminating information in this troublesome time for Kasaï province and avoid blunders and reprisals from the actors in conflict.”

Participants’ representative said in his closing remark, “the training provided us new knowledges to better handle security information for the benefit of the population we serve. The training enlightened us on the difficult mission we are expected to carry out, namely acting as the architect of peace who accompany all efforts likely to bring hope to the population of Kasaï central who live in uncertainty for the future.” 

In light of the above, FARDC military personnel was sentenced to life imprisonment on Saturday, 6th January 2018 for shooting down, in cold blood, a motor bike taxi driver who refused to take him where he wanted to go. The taxi driver sustained 6 gun shots.

Participants recommended that such training continue to effectively upgrade the skills of journalists in Kasaï to enable them to accompany the actors who are working for peace in this Grand Kasaï region.

The representative of MONUSCO/Kananga, Mr. Essoh Essis highlighted Medias’ responsibility, notably the journalist in the search for peace. “MONUSCO has selected you to receive the training which DRC seriously needs and the Mission remains available within its mandate and resources to provide its support for the development of media infrastructures to increase its performance and to effectively work for peace.”

Laurent Sam Oussou