MONUSCO Force Assist Crash Victims in Kasaï

9 Aug 2018

MONUSCO Force Assist Crash Victims in Kasaï

Kamako, 29 Jul-18: MONUSCO Rapid Reaction Force in Kamako assisted 2 injured passengers in a plane crash that took place in Kamako on 27 July 2018.

On that day, a commercial Antonov plane operating for Kasaï Airline crashed at about 20 kms away from Kamako, at around 12 hours; 5 people were killed and 2 injured. The two injured passengers were taken to Kamako health center for joint medical treatment with the assistance of nurses from MONUSCO Rapid Reaction Force. The assistance to the victims included essential administrative items including food, bedding and other form of support authorized by the Commander of the Force based in Kamako.

In the meantime, Air Kasaï office in Tshikapa was contacted by KTF but did not have any rescue aircraft to evacuate the pilot and the injured passengers. So, at the request of the survivals, MONUSCO Force initiated medical emergency procedures with the Mission leadership in Kananga. On 28 July, the pilot and the passengers were evacuated by MONUSCO flight to Tshikapa and the passenger was evacuated to a civilian hospital in Tshikaji.

The day following the plane crash near Kamako in Kasaï province, the governor Marc Manyanga who confirmed the 5 dead and 2 rescued, said when referring to the cause of the accident ‘’ we shall wait for the findings from technical investigations. ’The Kasai governor however revealed from the preliminary elements in his possession ‘’ the crash was reportedly caused by thermal breakdown.’’

Laurent Sam OUSSOU