MONUSCO meets with children detained in Kalemie prison

MONUSCO organizes meets with children detained in Kalemie prison
25 Jul 2016

MONUSCO meets with children detained in Kalemie prison

Kalemie, 22 July 2016, MONUSCO-Kalemie office, through its child protection section, organized on 22 July 2016, an awareness-raising session for the children detained in Kalemie central prison, jointly with the provincial government officials and child protection organizations.

The goal pursued by MONUSCO and its social assistance partners through the interaction with the Kalemie Juvenile court is to sensitize children in conflict with the law to prevent them from being recruited again by armed groups or forces once released; they took the opportunity to look into living conditions for the children detained in the prison.

Blanche Lugoma, chief of the social assistance department, applauded the initiative, which she declared as important for this section of the prison population for they are more vulnerable than other people: “Those children know that they are in prison but have to share the same facilities with adult persons” she declared.

In response to the numerous reports received from child protection organizations, the provincial Government highlighted on the occasion that efforts are being made to identify another site for those children. The chief of staff of the provincial Minister gave some assurances in this regard: “the conditions in which the detained children live are not in compliance with the law; they are mixed with adult persons, which is illegal; more appropriate cells must be built for those children with the help of partners”, said Mulongoy Mayala.

Child protection section took the opportunity to donate food and other non-food stuffs to the 25 detained children including one girl.

The commemoration of the International Child Day was used by “Reporter du Tanganyika” to share with their friends in conflict with the law, the messages of hope on their future social reintegration.

Amuri Aleka/Kalemie