PI publications

This Section organizes, prepares, supervises and distributes the various public information products: printed information and communication mediums and/or electronic products such as magazines, papers, posters, flyers, pamphlets, photos, to explain the Mission’s mandate and make its activities more visible.

Publications Section is made up of the following production units:

  1.  Monthly Magazine: Echo de la MONUSCO
  2.  Translation Unit.
  3. Graphics and Design Unit


An Editorial Committee meets every month to propose subjects and discuss the content of each Edition. 
This committee is inclusive of all the sections through their Media Focal Point. 
This Editorial Committee is comprised of the Chief of Public Section – PID Coordinator – MONUSCO Spokesperson – media focal points from substantive sections as well as the Force PIO and UNPOL. 

A Committee to watch on the Editorial reviews gathers all the articles proposed for EDLM editions.
The Committee is made up of PID Director + Spokesperson + PID Coordinator.
Each Magazine must be published at the end of each month. 
Dissemination is done electronically and on hard copy.  
Any MONUSCO staff may contribute a written contribution to the Editorial Committee for review.

Translation unit, is comprised of two MONUSCO Public Information staff who translate texts from English into French and vice-versa, both for PID, and most often from other MONUSCO sections.
This unit also provide simultaneous interpretation services if need arises during MONUSCO official meetings.

Graphic-Design Unit: This unit is responsible for designing MONUSCO’s advertisement items and all the paper productions (posters, flyers, booklets, magazine, BD…)

Focal Points
Aissatou Laba Toure : +243 99706 8064
Abdourahmane Diallo : 243 84 032 1366