Portrait of Shahin PRAVEEN

1 Mar 2018

Portrait of Shahin PRAVEEN

There are times when I really need to know someone just because of what is coming out of the person. This is exactly what happened in Shahin’s case. After being nominated by her colleagues for the “Portrait of the month,” it took me just a glance, not more, I assure you, for me to feel compelled to dig thoroughly and find out who she actually is. And guess what, I was not actually wrong! Someone whose motto is: “Be the best version of yourself, wherever you go” cannot go unnoticed.

I have seen so many other mottos put right under the signatures of some colleagues. I confess I don’t understand some of them because they are too complicated. This one is quite clear. Anyway, I asked her what lies behind. Her response was straight: “It is about education, she said. There are people who are so well educated, well-read… but who misbehave, out of contempt for others or out of lack of respect for the poor and those battered by life. The best version of oneself is the one people cannot cheat with or change, it means remaining steadfast and respectful towards fellow human beings, animals and nature in general.”

Wow, I was expecting a dialogue, but this looks like philosophizing! My philosophy course cannot go thus far, Shahin; let us now come down to the terra firma. I do understand that for Indians, everything involves meditation, levitation and elevation, but nevertheless, would you please be lenient towards me, a native of the Sahel region!!!

Well, now that we have set foot on the terra firma, tell me when and how did you join MONUSCO and what your job consists in. “I joined the UN Mission in DRC as a United Nations Volunteer on 2nd March 2016 and COE (Contingent Owned Equipment) Data Base Assistant, based in Goma. My responsibility is to manage and update the comprehensive documentary and electronic files/records on day-to-day activities relating to units and their inspections to the e-COE data bases. I am also the COE technical focal point to the United Nations headquarters in New York regarding anything the e-COE data base and support INEED Applications for reporting any queries or challenges faced by the COE teams in sectors/region.”

You are getting familiar with me now, let me ask my usual question: the United Nations: your choice or a happy coincidence? “It was my happy choice as it gave me the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment and an opportunity to serve in a good cause.” Nothing else to add, Your Honor!!!

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