Security Sector Reform

Security sector definition:

Security sector is a broad term often used to describe the structures, institutions and personnel responsible for the management, provision and oversight of security in a country. These can include defense, law enforcement institutions, corrections, intelligence services, border management, customs, elements of the judicial sector, management and oversight bodies, civil society groups and other non-state actors, among other elements”.

Security sector reform aims to develop a secure environment based on development, rule of law, good governance and local ownership of security actors. SSR concept is based on the reform and/or rebuilding of a state's security sector. It starts where a dysfunctional security sector is unable to provide security to the state and its people effectively under democratic principles. Parallel to that, the security sector can be a source of widespread insecurity by itself. In this respect, an unreformed security sector represents an obstacle to sustainable development, democracy and peace.

SSR is both an operational and a normative concept, which reflects the international effort to secure human security.