UN Police patrol team raise young people’s awareness about MONUSCO's mandate

UN Police patrol team raise young people’s awareness about MONUSCO's mandate. Photo: MONNUSCO/UNPOL

6 Nov 2019

UN Police patrol team raise young people’s awareness about MONUSCO's mandate

UNPOL Mbaye Sady Diop, Tsahirou Mahamidou and Robertus Andy

As part of the protection of civilians, a joint patrol team consisting of MONUSCO Policewoman Officer, Moussa Adizatou and ten (10) members of the Formed Police Unit from Egypt, conducted an awareness-raising and information session on the Mission’s mandate and the role of uniformed personnel. Held on in Kingabwa, along the main road ‘’poids lourds’’, Kinshasa commune, the awareness campaign was intended for a group of young men.

The purpose of this activity was not only to inform the population about MONUSCO’s mandate, as set out in the UN Security Council Resolution 2463 of March 29th, 2019, but also to bring the Mission closer to the population, in particular the young people.

The team dwelt much on the importance of the activities carried out by MONUSCO personnel (men and women) on the ground in keeping with the strict context of peacekeeping, namely: consolidating and maintaining peace by promoting progress towards national consensus and sustainable development of the DRC, capacity-building for the Congolese National Police for a proper implementation of the law and protection of the human rights, collaborating with international, national and local partners for the protection of civilians and their properties.

She briefly explained to the audience the priorities set out in the UNSC Resolution 2463 on the protection of civilians. The team also gave detailed explanations of UNPOL's activities. A series of questions and answers helped the audience to become more immersed in the day-to-day activities conducted by the latter on the ground.

The role in protecting civilians and securing agglomerations is a paramount concern for the Mission. This is why regular security patrols are conducted to reassure the population, to help them overcome the feeling of insecurity.

At the end of the session, the youth audience thanked the patrol team for their efforts to protect civilians. "We now know your mandate and its limits; however, we kindly request you to increase your activities, to better meet our security needs. Moreover, we do appreciate the patrols you have been conducting across the city of Kinshasa and elsewhere, we feel reassured, " said one of the young people, speaking under condition of anonymity.