Colorful celebration of the International Women’s Day in Kisangani

Colorful celebration of the International Women’s Day in Kisangani
9 Mar 2016

Colorful celebration of the International Women’s Day in Kisangani

On Tuesday 8 March 2016, roughly a hundred groups of women from public and private institutions as well as religious, political and non-political organizations participated in a march organized by the provincial authority on the main roads of the city of Kisangani up to the post office compound where speeches were delivered. Several officials attended.

The chief of MONUSCO-Kisangani office, Ms. Aissetou Sanogo, read to the assembly UN Secretary General’s message on the occasion of the International Women’s Day. Ban Ki-moon said women should be empowered to become the drivers of change.

The Tshopo Special Commissioner, Mr. John ILONGO TOKOLE, for his part, applauded the successful mobilization around the Women’s Day which, he said, shows the commitment of each and every one to the promotion and protection of women’s basic rights.  

On the afternoon of the same Tuesday, several ceremonies were held at the Kisangani central prison where Caritas-Development women, in collaboration with MONUSCO female staff paid a visit to the women inmates in the Kisangani central prison. After a brief prayer session, food and non-food stuff were given out to the inmates. 

Delegate of the Caritas-Development Kisangani female staff, Ms. Marie Magalolo said that through this gesture, they meant to express solidarity and compassion with the female inmates. Women inmates are vulnerable and serious cause for concern with regard to the restoration of women’s and men’s dignity. Celebrating this day with such a social category is an expression of charity and solidarity from us.

Beyond the festive aspect, she further highlighted “every mother should reflect on this year’s theme requesting them to undertake development actions and projects so that by 2030, the new development goals, inter alia, goal 5 on sex equality and goal 4 on quality education for all become effective.”

The Tshopo provincial Deputy Special Commissioner, Ms. Lily BOTWETWE said she was affected to see fellow country women living in horrible conditions and promised to convey the women inmates’ message to the national authorities for the situation to be improved.

Guy Karema