Congolese Prison Administration Receive Five Vehicles

A bus given by MONUSCO for transportation to the national training school for prison officers in Luzumu. Photo MONUSCO/Correction Unit

3 Nov 2021

Congolese Prison Administration Receive Five Vehicles

Kaies Soltani

As part of support to the prison administrations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, MONUSCO Correction Unit (CU) donated five vehicles to the Congolese prison administration last September. 

Three of these vehicles are intended for the transport of detainees from Ndolo, Makala and Luzumu prisons; the fourth vehicle was given to the administrative department for the transport of the staff working for the Luzumu Prison’s Training Center, and the fifth vehicle, a bus, to be used for the transport of the participants to attend the training courses at the Luzumu Prison’s Training Center. 

The Director of the United Nations Joint Human Rights Office, Abdoul Aziz Thioye, who represented the head of MONUSCO, Bintou Keita, at the handover ceremony, highlighted that the bus was acquired under the “End of Year Project (EOY)” with exceptional funding authorized by the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General.

The second phase of this project provides for the construction of three additional classes, the purchase of another bus for the transport of staff and students, the drilling of a drinking water fountain, installing lighting with the help of 3 KVA-power solar panels, the construction of a security wall around the school, as well as additional toilets at the Luzumu detention camp.