The UN has supported SSR in DRC since 2003, when the peacekeeping Mission assisted the Government with the implementation of the Global and All-inclusive Agreement on the Transition, which included important provisions on power-sharing in the army. 

MONUC established the SSR Unit in 2008. According to current MONUSCO’s mandate (UNSC Resolution 2147 (2014), SSR remains one of the main objectives of the Mission. The current mandate “authorizes MONUSCO, in support of the Congolese authorities and their efforts to deliver the reforms called by the Peace Security and Cooperation Framework (PSCF) and stabilization in eastern DRC, to contribute to the following tasks, in coordination with the UNCT and other actors, including through the SRSG’s good offices; (a) Encourage and accelerate national ownership of Security Sector Reform (SSR) by the DRC authorities, including through the urgent finalization and implementation of a national strategy for the establishment of effective, inclusive and accountable security and justice institutions by the DRC and play a leading role in coordinating the support for SSR provided by international and bilateral partners and the UN system… e) Provide good offices, advice and support to the Government of the DRC to enable the development and finalization of a clear and comprehensive SSR implementation roadmap including benchmarks and timelines to establish effective and accountable security institutions, including vetting mechanisms; (f) Provide good offices, advice and support to the Government of the DRC, in compliance with the HRDDP, for a reform of the army, including, as a first step, the establishment of a vetted, well-trained and adequately equipped “Rapid Reaction Force” within the FARDC which should form the nucleus for a professional, accountable, well-sustained and effective national defense force, and support, when appropriate and in coordination with international partners, the training of the “Rapid Reaction Force” which should, in the frame of the benchmarks and timelines set by the SSR roadmap, develop the capacity to assume as soon as possible security responsibilities from the Intervention Brigade of MONUSCO”.