MONUSCO support to SSR

Security Sector Reform (SSR) remains one of the main objectives of MONUSCO, according to the Mission’s current mandate of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2348 of 2017. 

UNSC Resolution 2348 (2017) mandates MONUSCO to contribute to the following overarching strategic priorities: protection of civilians and support to the electoral process. Moreover, in the area of Security Sector Reform, Resolution 2348 (2017) specifically mandates the mission to work with the Government of the DRC:

  1. in the reform of the police, including by assisting the Comité de réforme de la police, and by advocating for the establishment of the Secrétariat Général à la sécurité et à l’ordre public that will coordinate security institutions with a law enforcement mission;
  2. to encourage and accelerate national ownership of SSR by the Government of the DRC, including through the development of a common national vision, to be encapsulated in a national security policy, as well as a clear and comprehensive SSR implementation roadmap including benchmarks and timelines, and play a leading role in coordinating the support for SSR provided by international and bilateral partners and the United Nations system;
  3. in compliance with the HRDDP, for army reform that would enhance its accountability, efficiency, self-sustainability, training, vetting and effectiveness, while noting that any support provided by the United Nations, including in the form of rations and fuel, should be for joint operations and subject to appropriate oversight and scrutiny;
  4. for the implementation of any appropriate recommendations for justice and prison sector reforms as contained in the final report of the Etats généraux de la Justice, including on the fight against impunity, for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, in order to develop independent, accountable and functioning justice and security institutions;