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10 Aug 2011

The News for Publishing Through Print and Electronic Media

. In DUNGU area a joint Operation named EAGLE SEARCH started on 27 Jun 2011 combining with the troops of GUASFOR and FARDC, where the MILOB also took part.

The aim of this operation was to carry out aerial reconnaissance and ground orientation in the area after the rotation of GUASFOR. At the first stage the operation started with aerial reconnaissance which was accomplished successfully on 28 Jun 2011.

Giving a little tactical pause for rest and refit, on next stage the operation commenced on 29 Jun 2011, where the troops moved for FARADJE and subsequently to ABA. Third stage of the operation had been launched on 03 Jul 2011 along DUNUG-DURU axis and ended on 04 Jul 2011.

With a tactical pause on 05 Jul 2011, the last stage of the operation was launched on 06 Jul 2011 along the axis DUNGU-BANDA-BANGADI and DORUMA-BAMANGANA-BANDA, which ended on 10 Jul 2011.

A team from JIOC accompanied GUASFOR in the operation around BANGADI. The troops did extensive day and night patrol along with foot patrols. In the form of operation they also provided security to the locals as well as UN Agencies.

Deputy Commander, Ituri Brigade visited the operation on the ground.