South Kivu Cimic Activities in the Month of July

10 Aug 2011

South Kivu Cimic Activities in the Month of July

: A blood bank has been recently opened in Rutshuru Hospital. The blood for the bank was to be provided from Goma, however it did not materialise.

Since the pregnant ladies, injured people as well as security forces personals requiring immediate medical attention are treated in Rutshuru Hospital, availability of blood is of paramount importance to save precious lives. In a bid to help the hospital authorities and the locals to meet their blood requirement, a Blood Donation Camp was organised by INDBATT-2/XIX at Kiwanja COB. A total of 30 soldiers donated blood. The event was highly appreciated by hospital authorities and locals.

TONGO: Lunch was provided to 30 - 40 Orphans at Rushege Primary School by Tongo Coy on 16 Jul11.

KWINJA:. Lunch was provided to approximately 60 Orphans and 70 Rape Victims of Kiwanja and Rutshuru being looked after by Heal