Political Affairs

The Political Affairs Division (PAD) serves as the Reflection and Analysis Cell for the Mission.  PAD gathers and analyzes information, provides its expertise to the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General (SRSG) and other officials in terms of strategic priorities for the Mission.  PAD also prepares reports on the situation and supports outreach and advocacy operations for the implementation of the Mission’s mandate (protection of civilians, support to the implementation of the PSC Framework, and stabilization).  
 PAD is supporting the SRSG in implementation of his good offices mandate, including in regard to democratization and the holding of peaceful, transparent and inclusive elections in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Constitution.  

Democratization and Institutional Reform 
PAD is working in close collaboration with national and international partners in supporting democratization in the DRC, and is assisting national and provincial institutions as well as civil society organizations in creating an enabling environment for the promotion of democracy and the rule of law. This includes advice and technical support for the development of laws and good governance.  

Conflict Prevention and Resolution 
PAD is significantly contributing to MONUSCO’s strategy on the prevention and resolution of the conflict in the DRC. It is focusing mostly on the situation in the East, is working in collaboration with the different sections of MONUSCO and other partners, national and international, in the implementation by Joint Multidisciplinary Protection Teams (JPT), of the Mission’s mandate to protect civilians. The Division is contributing to the Mission’s efforts to assist the Congolese authorities and other stakeholders and their efforts in restoration of peace in the East of the DRC, including through the implementation of the Addis Ababa PSC Framework and the Mission’s mandate of neutralizing Congolese and foreign armed groups.   

Building good neighborly relations in the Great Lakes region  
In the context of implementation of the regional commitments under the PSC Framework, PAD is contributing to the improvement of bilateral relations between the DRC and its neighbors in the Great Lakes region through its political analyses and other support for the implementation of this mechanism.