Beni: construction of a new urban police station funded by MONUSCO

The new police headquarters in Beni is one of the many large-scale projects that MONUSCO has been carrying out in the city for several years now. Photo MONUSCO / Joel Bofengo

11 May 2022

Beni: construction of a new urban police station funded by MONUSCO

Joel Bofengo

"MONUCO has been supporting us for several years now. This new building will allow the police to work in better conditions.” The mayor of Beni did not hide his joy on Tuesday 10 May 2022 at the launch of the construction of the new police station in the city of Beni.

In front of the head of the MONUSCO police (UNPOL), General Mody Berethé, the head of the office of the UN mission as well as several Congolese police officials, Senior Superintendent Narcisse Muteba praised the involvement of the United Nations, through its mission in the DRC, so that the Congolese police officers can properly fulfil their mission.

The construction of this new police station will last three months. It will be carried out by the construction company Office du Baptiseur Congolais, and will cost about 48,000 US dollars.  "MONUSCO came to us to construct this building which will house the headquarters of the Congolese National Police [PNC] in Beni. For me, I have only a feeling of joy," explains the mayor of Beni.

Regular support

The police commander of Beni, following the mayor, also expressed his delight at the support of MONUSCO, which has been supporting the Congolese police for many years in this town.

During his speech at the ceremony, Senior Superintendent Sébastien Kahuma cited the many achievements of the UN mission in the town: training for police officers, containers that house some police stations, construction of the police station's dungeon, motorbikes to facilitate the movement of police officers, donation of anti-riot equipment.

"We thank MONUSCO once again for having accepted today for the umpteenth time the construction of an administrative building for the Beni police," he concluded.

Improving the working environment

The head of the MONUSCO police, General Mody Berethé, who arrived in Beni on Monday, stressed the importance of having a police force that works in good conditions. "We are in the process of supporting the PNC to improve the working environment through the development and adoption of texts that allow them to frame their work. But also, at the request of the General Commissariat, we are keeping at heart their concern to improve the infrastructure," said the UN officer.

For her part, the head of the MONUSCO office in Beni assured that the UN mission will continue to support the Congolese police.  "The building is important, but it is the activity that will be carried out there that will be even more important. And on this, the PNC can count on us. The capacity that they have been given will, we hope, be put to full use," said Cecilia Piazza.

On Wednesday 11 May, the city of Oicha, the capital of Beni territory, also saw the launch of construction work on its new police station.