A military parad for the Women’s Day in Goma

A military parad for the Women’s Day in Goma. Photo MONUSCO/Martha BIONGO

11 Mar 2019

A military parad for the Women’s Day in Goma

Martha Biongo

Goma, the 8th of February 2019 – The women in North-Kivu were on the Spot light with an impressive crowd from the start to finish during the commemoration of the International Women’s 8 March 2019 in Goma.

The impressive turnout was championed by women in uniform amongst them the FARDC, PNC and Military Police(MP) who Matched vigorously  round the ceremonial grounds admits  thunderous applause from the grand stand and  about a thousand women from the civil society, social groups and other walks of life who constituted the spectators.

MONUSCO Force Commander also honored the women with a stand where female uniformed personnel showcased how MONUSCO female personnel champions the empowerment of women to address social, economic and political challenges across the DRC.

Speaking during the women’s day celebration the representative of the women José Malimukono focal point of the movement” Nothing without the woman” in North Kivu in Goma evoked the  problem of insecurity, lack of electricity, water , the non-representation of women in politics  and  other offices in the government.

MONUSCO Force Commander Lt Gen Elias Martins Filho on his part said  that “The empowerment of women continues to be a central feature of the UN's efforts to address social, economic and political challenges across the globe. “

 He added that “the road to progress is challenging, but it is only through the efforts of determined women and men in a community that change may come about.  It is therefore fitting that a central tenet of this year’s theme is equality.  When women and men work together to bring about peace, justice and stability they are unstoppable. “

 Much has been achieved in the DRC when it comes to gender parity; in employment, ownership of land, education and in the law he went on though there are still challenges that women and girls continue to face, even here in North Kivu”.

However, the Force Commander mentioned that MONUSCO Forces, are committed to integrating women more widely as full and equal partners in their communities in the pursuit of peace and stability in the DRC.

 The United Nations Secretary General in his message said Gender equality is fundamentally a question of power. “We live in a male-dominated world with a male-dominated culture. Only when we see women’s rights as our common objective, a route to change that benefits everyone, will we begin to shift the balance”.

 He added that “Increasing the number of women decision-makers is fundamental. At the United Nations,” I have made this a personal and urgent priority. We now have gender parity among those who lead our teams around the world, and the highest-ever numbers of women in senior management. We will continue to build on this progress”.

The interim governor north Kivu Feller Lutahichirwa   commended the women for their enormous efforts and acknowledged the problem of insecurity and promised to do all with in his power to bring an end to the problem, promising to also support the women in their struggle.

Another high point on the agender of the women’s day celebration was the participation of handicapped women who thrilled the crowd with a musical animation.

The Ceremony ended with the visit to stands by the Governor and MONUSCO Force Commander.