Press Release

9 juin 2014

Press Release

Martin Kobler, the head of MONUSCO, condemns the recent violence between communities in South Kivu and calls for the immediate end to the clashes.

Kinshasa, 08 June 2014 - Violent clashes took place last Friday between the Bafuliru and Barundi/Banyamulenge communities in Uvira, South Kivu province. The inter-ethnical clashes claim many victims. At least thirty dead and fifteen injured were reported.

“This violence is unacceptable and must stop immediately,” said Martin Kobler, the head of MONUSCO.

On the ground, MONUSCO is actively backing FARDC and local authorities to restore peace. Peacekeepers have evacuated the injured to health clinics.

“Measures were taken to protect local populations, including the deployment of peacekeepers in the district of Mutarule to reinforce the FARDC contingent based in the area,” added the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in the DRC.

The incidents are linked to stolen cattle in the locality of Mutarule, situated in the Ruzizi plain, 40 kilometers north of Uvira.